Morning Routine

Yeah, sorry. Getting up early sucks. Until it doesn’t.

I’ve struggled with sleep issues my entire life (self-imposed as it turns out … more on that later) so waking up early has been a hurdle for, well, my entire life.

Turns out when you become a dad, your screaming infant DGAF.

Babies have a way of completely disrupting your life. It’s your job — well, one of your jobs — to keep that life humming along and on track to the best of your ability.

I’ve found that this means protecting my morning routine, thriving within it and setting my day up to be successful at all costs, no matter how little sleep I got the night before.

At the very least, it is imperative that you wake up and start your day before your kids wake up.

Too many times I learned the lesson of waking up in a frenzy as my daughter called to me from her crib. The day just starts off focusing on the baby’s needs and not putting yourself in the right frame of mind/physical state.

Looking back on my most and least successful days as a parent, it’s not hard to pinpoint which days started off on the right foot and which didn’t.

I’ll get into my morning routine later on, but in the meantime here are some resources to learn why it’s important and how to start crafting your own.

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